Vision & Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Vision Statement

"Our aim is for all to belong to a safe and happy community which celebrates our diversity and differences. Our children will be well prepared for the next step of their journey as responsible citizens. We aspire for all to flourish."

Our Christian Values

  • Responsibility
  • Love
  • Thankfulness
  • Wisdom
  • Kindness

Every child is a gift from God – Psalm 127:3

The narrative of our vision and associated christian values:

At St Mary and St Giles Church of England School, we believe that each of us, children and adults, are uniquely made and a gift from God. As a Church of England school, we offer a safe, nuturing and happy school community for all, those who are Christian, of other faiths or none, are equally welcomed here. We pride ourselves on celebrating our uniqueness, incorporating our diversity and difference. We aspire to enable everyone in our school community to flourish; flourish academically, spiritually, socially and morally. When children move onto secondary school and life beyond, we aim for them to take our values, rooted in Christian teaching, with them to serve as proud citizens of our world.

The biblical roots of our vision and values

Our values are founded in the teachings of Jesus which are in the New Testament of the Bible. We also link our values to stories from other faiths and our many diverse cultural backgrounds. By linking our values to Bible stories, we aim to help children develop a confident and age appropriate understanding of positive moral messages.

Christian ValueAssociated Bible stories
Kindness and ResponsibilityThe parable of the Good Samaritan – Luke 10: 25-37
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector – Luke 19: 1-10
LoveThe Parable of the Lost Son – Luke 15: 11-32
The Parable of the Lost Sheep – Luke 15: 1-7
WisdomAdam and Eve – Genesis 3
Jesus is Tested in the Wilderness – Luke 4: 1-13
ThankfulnessNoah and the Flood – Genesis 6
Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers – Luke 17: 11-19

Benji in Year 3 wrote this about love. We think it's amazing!

“You show love by being kind. If you love someone you are always there for them, you simply adore them or just being with them. You don’t have to know them since you were born. So remember if you love someone hugs help”


Over-arching Key School Priorities for 2023 to 2024

SSP St Mary and St Giles 2023-24 Over-arching Key School Priorities