Attendance & Absence

At SMSG we are driven to maintain high levels of attendance and will support families in ensuring that their child comes to school to be part of our community and flourish.

If your child is absent from school please telephone or email us on the first day of absence before 8.45am. If your child is absent for more than one day, you will need to contact us each day to let us know when you anticipate your child returning to school. If we don't have contact from parents/carers then we will try and make contact with you.  If we are unable to do this then we will follow our safeguarding procedures and do a home visit.

For the vast majority of children, attendance at St. Mary and St Giles School is good - that is attendance of 96% or better, with many children achieving 100% attendance each term.  Thank you to every parent who supports good attendance - because you are giving your child the best possible chance to achieve their best.

Leave of absence may be requested prior to the event and is subject to the Headteacher's approval.   Leave of absence will not be granted for family holidays and a penalty fine may be issued.

We realise that on some occasions there may be a particular problem that causes your child to be absent. Please let us know and we will deal with it sympathetically.

Attendance and absence is monitored by the school and the local authority. We will offer support to families who are struggling to get their children to school.  If you feel you need some help then please do contact us. Research has shown that where attendance falls below 90% there is a direct impact on the progress a child can make which is why we take attendance so seriously.

If we are concerned about your child's attendance we will contact you to discuss the situation.  More details of this process are outlined in the attendance policy.    Legal proceedings may be brought in cases of irregular, unauthorised absence.

SMSG Attendance Policy October 2023

Attendance Leaflet for Parents