School Meals

Hobbs School Catering passionately believe in feeding our future (our children) today the best we can in terms of nutrition, quality, and value for money.

We are a small family run catering business that believes in delivering an outstanding school catering solution.

We will always work closely with the school and customers and other agencies to deliver an outstanding service in all areas of service.

At Hobbs School Catering we take pride that our meals are produced in local kitchens with excellent chefs, cooks and service staff who take pride in producing and serving food that is homemade when possible and freshly prepared each day onsite where possible.

  • Comply with food standards for nutrition and quality.
  • Locally and responsibly sourced produce when possible with traceability to source farm assured meat products.
  • No undesirable food additives or hydrogenated fats.
  • No gm ingredients.
  • Fresh fruit platters and baskets available every day as well as big fruit days which include a very large variety of seasonal fruit.
  • Fresh salad is available every day as a choice 4 option as well as an additional side to the jacket potato or meal of the day.

We take time to work closely with the schools and customers we serve to ensure a personal and quality service is delivered at all times parents can call a member of our team for any queries or questions.

We believe that food should always be of excellent quality nutritious and appealing to children with care taken to present a menu that is easy to understand and complies to all nutritional standards and supports their health and well being.

Special dietary requirements are available to students. Parents should contact essence catering to discuss their requirements and a personal one to one meeting can be arranged to discuss all aspect of the child's preferred choices as we do adapt recipes for dietary requirements.

  • Vegetarian options are available every day.
  • Provide excellent value and service for money.
  • We maintain the highest professional standards possible including food hygiene.
  • We value all our staff and provide food & hygiene and health and safety training and seeks to reward fairly and involve them in the company's development.
  • We are a family run business that cares.