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SMSG Daily Mile 2021

28.1.2021: An update from Mr Smith

Amazing Marshall in Year 3 has been keeping a log book of his daily walks! Well done Marshall!

Mr Smith tells us about the first week of the daily mile. Well done to all those who have taken part already!


                                  The 2021 Daily Mile at SMSG


SMSG have decided to join in the daily mile, a fun 15-minute daily exercise program that encourages everyone to get active.  During lockdown, everyone is encouraged to get out in the fresh air once a day and we thought this might be a great way to start!  The Daily Mile helps to make children fitter, healthier and happier and has a positive impact on their behaviour and concentration levels. It is simple and effective, enabling every child, including those with special needs, to be active every day. It’s free to implement, takes just 15 minutes per day, and the children love it.


What is the Daily Mile?

Simply put, the Daily Mile is 15 minutes when children jog or run or, at their own pace, during the school day at a time of the teacher’s choosing. The Daily Mile is not Sport or PE, but rather health and wellbeing through physical activity.


How will it be measured?

Due to current restrictions most pupils are not in school but that won’t stop us launching the initiative and getting as many of you involved as possible.  It could be jogging or running around the garden or park or anther safe area.  Parents and carers can also take part, maybe see who can get the most in a week.

Please be safe and don’t run on roads or anywhere that is not well lit.


How to record?

You will count how many laps you do in 15 minutes, email with you results on a weekly basis.  Please put in the email the name of the pupil, date and how many laps were completed on each day.  Please be as honest as you can about how many laps you have done.


For more information, please visit or check out the SMSG website…


Good luck!

Mark Smith