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National Space Centre


Yesterday we went an exciting trip to the National space centre in Leicester. We had a brilliant day and everyone showed what great ambassadors they are for the school.


During the exploration we saw a real life rocket which was so tall we had to go up five floors to get to the top! We learnt lots about the planets, stars and the first moon landing. We were very lucky to go in the planetarium and learn about all of the training an astronaut has to undertake. We learnt that before going into space, astronauts have to train underwater in deep tanks whilst wearing heavy suits.  


Howe Park Woods  - 4th October 2016

As part of our Beatrix potter topic we have been learning about woodland animals, their habitats, diet and whether they are a mammal, amphibian or a bird.  To help us understand this topic a little better we went on a trip to the woods. We were very fortunate that the sun was shining and the ground was not too muddy!  After a brief coach journey, we were greeted by two park rangers who took us on an adventure around the woods in search of the animals found in Beatrix Potter's stories. We had a great time looking at the nature around us and learning lots about the animals that live there.


Click on the link below to view photos from the trip.