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The Great Library Book Search is on at SMSG!

Our Click and Collect Library is up and running at South site– I hope everyone loves collecting the books they have ordered! Mrs Titchmarsh says she has really enjoyed matching books to readers this week.


Don’t forget to tell your teachers what books you would like to read – if you can’t  think of a title, don’t worry! Let us know what kinds of books you like and Mrs Titchmarsh will find you something wonderful. Maybe think bout something you have never read before. There is a whole world of wonderful authors waiting for you to discover them…


If you don’t fancy a fiction book, how about a book on your favourite sport, animal or country? What topic are you doing? Can we find you a book on fossils? History? The Weather? Can you challenge Mrs T to find you something? We cannot wait for you to get involved.

Coming to North site soon!

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