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Pupil Leadership Team 2021

2021/22 Worship Leaders (Gold)

Ravus and Sufyan (Year 2)

 Willow and Jacob L (Year 3)

Sophie C (Year 4)

Daisy (Year 5)

Julia, Jessica, Edith and Salome (Year 6)



2021/22 School Council Members

Aidan, Jett, Evie, Bethany (Year 6)

Yassir, Libby-Rose and Eva (Year5)

Maddison, Erin and Sophie D (Year 4)

Saalih, Rory and Berry (Year 3)

Sofia (Year 2)

Leo (Year 1)


2021/22 Eco Warriors (Bronze)

North Site

Fleur, Riley, Daisy J and Daisy S (Year 4)

Tilly, Spencer, Amber and Benjy (Year 5)

Declan, Sydnie, Bethany and Tom (Year 6)


Friday Lunchtime (12.30-1.00pm) Gardening Club @ North Site

South Site

 Harry and Jessica K (Year 4)

Tyler and Khalda (Year 5)

 Remi and Jordan (Year 6)



2021/22 Librarians (Blue)

North Site

Chief librarians: Eva, Poppy E, Chloe, Poppy H (Year 6)

Librarians: Sammy, Oakley, Maisie, Popi, Eva A, Alys, Joel, Jude and Lily (Year 5)


South Site

Lukas, Ellie-May and  Paige (Year 6)

Sumaya, Afreen, and Lola (Year 5)


Playground Buddies (Yellow)

North Site

Sydnie, Jessica, Poppy S, Edith and Aliarna (Year 6)

Mollie (Year 4)


South Site


Ellie May







Pupil Leadership Opportunities 2021 / 2022

Pupil Leadership Application Form

Would you like to take more responsibility for our school and how it's managed? If you answer yes to this then have a think about applying for a pupil leadership position.