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Chair of Governors Welcome

As Chair of the Governors at St Mary and St Giles Church of England School I would like to welcome you to our school website. St Mary and St Giles C of E School is part of the Inspiring Futures Through Learning Academy (IfTL) and our School has strong links to our Parish Church as well as being in the heart of our Community. 

Our School is built on strong Christian values:







The Governing body are all very proud of SMSG's strong Christian ethos and achievements. We are a very active and committed governing body and share our Headteachers vision to promote inspirational learning in a safe and friendly setting to all our pupils. We are all constantly reminded of all the amazing work, efforts and achievements of the staff, parents and of course our pupils.

Finally, as Chairman of the Governors I am very proud of what SMSG has achieved and continues too. I hope you will share in the School`s future development and success and thank you for visiting our web site. 


Should you wish to contact me to discuss any matter further, please do so by first contacting our Head teacher Mr Palmer or via email at


Daniel Mullins

Chair of Governors


Every child is a gift from God – Psalm 127:3

Our Governing Body 


St Mary and St Gile’s Local Governing Board is made up of governors with wide ranging skills and careers and a shared enthusiasm and drive to support the school in delivering the best education and experiences for all pupils. We are committed to supporting the school to become a primary school of excellence with the highest of ambition and standards which enables every child to maximise their potential.  We are part of one of the largest volunteer forces in the country. We strive to promote school improvement and support the leaders and the staff of the school in their work.

The role of St Mary and St Gile’s Local Governing Body is crucial in driving continuous school development and particularly focuses on ensuring the strategic direction, educational progress, safety and community engagement of all, including our most vulnerable children and families, within our school community. It is made up of representatives from Parents, Staff, Trust and the Community. We bring our experience and knowledge from both inside and outside of education.

We are proud to be a part of the IFtl Family and share their vision to inspire he futures of us all through learning together and their values. Our role as local Governing Body is to use our understanding of the school’s needs and its community to provide focused and strategic local governance. We meet at least once every half term and interact with the school via governor visits. Whilst Governors form part of the strategic leadership of the school, we are not expected to get involved in the day to day running of the school; our Headteacher, Head of School and senior school leaders are responsible for the internal organisation and management.

The Local Governing Body is accountable to the Board of Trustees of IFtL for the way our school is run and as such, are part of a wider governance structure of IFtL. The remit and responsibilities of the Governing Body of the school and the Members and Board of Trustees of IFtL are outlined in the Scheme of Delegation of Inspiring Futures through Learning, our Multi-Academy Trust and can be found on IFtL’s governance page. For further information regarding IFtL’s Board of Trustees, please visit the following link -  Board of trustees – Inspiring Futures Through Learning ( We regularly attend training provided by the Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL) Trust to expand and develop our knowledge of all aspects of education to enable us to fully support and effectively challenge SMSG.

Our duties include:

  1. setting strategic direction for the school
  2. ensuring progress and attainment for all children
  3. adopting and monitoring correct implementation of Trust policies
  4. identifying and monitoring risks
  5. ensuring safeguarding is effective and compliant
  6. appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher

The governors maintain relationships with our key stakeholders as we as endeavour to make the school a real community one whilst living our IFtL and school values. We help the school set and reach targets in order to strive for excellence across the whole range of school life.

Being a governor is an exciting role that delivers real impact within our community and for all children. It is a role of which we are proud.



Adam Palmer  - Head teacher

Daniel Mullins – Chair of Governors - Trust Appointed Governor

Dawn Robinson – Quality of Education and Pupil Outcomes Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor

Rita Wiseman - Safeguarding Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor

Gwen Yates - Wellbeing Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor

Carly Elsworth - Pupil Support Link Governor - Parent Appointed Governor

Nick Deahl – Parent Appointed Governor

Victor Bullock –  Trust Appointed Governor

Kim Kemp - Trust Appointed Governor


Our Clerk to the Governors is Hayley Cutchey and If you wish to contact Hayley please do so by sending an email to:

SMSG is part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi-Academy Trust. All schools that are part of this Trust are governed by one Board of Trustees and each school has its own Local Governing Body.

Led by Daniel Mullins as Chair of Governors the governing board of St Mary and St Giles C of E School (Voluntary Aided) are a group of parents, staff and members of the community. The governing body of SMSG seek to promote the highest standards of educational achievement for our children.


Our governors:

  • agree the ethos and aims
  • define the strategic direction of the school
  • plan for the future improvement
  • set targets, objectives and monitor progress of the school
  • approve the annual budget
  • ensure the school's resources are used as intended


To find out more about our Governors please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of Governors through the school office at either site or by email Alternatively, you can send a letter for Mr Mullins' attention to, Mr D Mullins, c/o St Mary and St Giles Church of England School, King George Crescent, Stony Stratford, MK12 5GA

To register your interest in becoming a school governor please do not hesitate to contact us.

SMSG is part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi-Academy Trust. All schools that are part of IFtL are governed by the IFtL Board of Trustees and each school has its own Local Governing Body.


The Governing Body of SMSG is a vibrant group of volunteers.  They are a key part of the strategic leadership of the school and play a vital role in ensuring clarity of the vision, ethos and future direction of the school and that this is underpinned by the school’s Christian vision.

They share responsibilities for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the schools in ensuring that Christian values are being lived through all aspects of life at SMSG and that the school is delivering a fulfilling, inclusive, broad and balanced education for all their children. The Governing Body meets at least 6 times throughout the year, focusing on the key strands of Educational Excellence, safety and wellbeing of pupils and the reflection of the school’s values through its interactions and position in all of its communities.

The remit and responsibilities of the Governing Body are outlined in the Scheme of Delegation of Inspiring Futures through Learning, our Multi-Academy Trust and can be found at


To find out more about our Governors please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of Governors through the school office at either site or by email

To register your interest in becoming a school governor please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Governing Board Members


Adam Palmer - Headteacher

I am delighted to work alongside our governing board to ensure the school continues to thrive and go from strength to strength each year. I welcome the support and challenge the governors give to me during our local governing body meetings but also through the regular visits to school of our members. 


Daniel Mullins – Chair of Governors

I have been a governor for a number of years and was appointed as Chair of Governors at St Mary and St Giles C of E School in February 2019.  I lead the governing body with a clear focus on scrutinising performance and implementing positive change.  I’ve been married for 16 yrs and have two children - one has previously passed through SMSG and has now moved on to College while my youngest daughter is at SMSG. I’m a Stony Stratford resident and Christian and grew up in the Town.


In my professional career I manage and lead the strategic direction of a civil engineering company to ensure we deliver financial stability, client satisfaction and ensure operations are delivered to all HSE standards and required performance.  I’m experienced in project and change management, strategy and policy delivery, business change, finance and risk management as well as having a key focus on performance management.


I enjoy using my skills to seek positive change in a short timescale while ensuring the change is embedded to provide a long-term strategy for the school improvement.

email :


Gwen Yates – Trust Appointed Governor

Shortly after getting married my husband and I travelled overland to South Africa, where we lived for three years on a cacti and Keeshond farm. We returned to the UK travelling overland through Africa and the Middle East and moved to Stony Stratford so that my husband could take up an appointment with the Open University. We have a daughter and a son and four grandchildren (all born from 2013 onwards).

Most of my working life has been spent in London doing a variety of jobs. This has included qualifying as a nurse, teaching at a special needs school; working as an information officer for the British Medical Association and the BMJ and also with the Schools and Youth Team at Christian Aid.


Later I joined the pioneering Citischool (school without walls) in MK at its inception where I devised and presented citizenship sessions. I then moved to the MK Youth Offending Team where I was part of a small team that set up the early prevention project called Platform (originally Platform 8-13) where I worked closely with primary schools, especially those in disadvantaged areas.


As a mature student I completed an Open University (OU) degree where I developed a passion for philosophy. I discovered it was a perfect tool for Platform children and young people who had poor language and communication skills and also challenging for more able pupils. I presented workshops on philosophy for children at the BEST conference in 2008 and at the launch of FACT (First Assess Communication Tool) at the ‘Communication is everybody’s business’ conference in 2011. I attended training with SAPERE (Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education) in 2008 and 2011, and with The Philosophy Foundation in 2014. During my time with Platform I facilitated philosophy groups in many schools in MK and since retiring have continued to present group philosophy sessions on a voluntary basis at SMSG and another local school where I have also run an after school philosophy club. I was a volunteer at Stony Stratford Junior Youth Club for two years.


Dawn Robinson – Trust appointed Governor

I have been a Headteacher for over 20 years.  I am a National Leader of Education having had 9 outstanding inspections in my schools.  I have chaired Management Boards in a number of schools taking on the role of Chair of Governors.  I was a Headteacher in a Church of England Voluntary Aided School for over 10 years.  I have previously been an Advanced Skills Teacher for English and maths. My current role is Headteacher of Russell Street School.  It is very important for me to work with Mr Palmer and the Governing Board of SMSG to secure an outstanding education for our children across the two schools.


Carly Elsworth -Parent Governor

I have been a Parent Governor since October 2020, and have one son who attends St Mary and St Giles South Site. In addition to being a representative for parents on the Governing Board, I am also the Pupil Support Link Governor which means that everything I do in my role as Governor is geared towards supporting all pupils to achieve their full potential. I wear vintage style clothes so I do tend to stand out on the playground – if you see me at pick up or drop off, please feel free to come and say hello, I am your representative!


Nick Deahl - Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor since October 2020.  I am married and have one daughter who started at SMSG (North Site) in September 2020.  In my professional life, I am a qualified investment actuary and currently work for RSA Insurance plc where I am responsible for managing the assets of the company’s pension scheme arrangements.  I am keen to use my skills to help SMSG continue to improve and fulfil its potential as a great community school.


Rita Wiseman – Trust Appointed Governor

I strongly believe that learning should be stimulating and fun. Every child’s first impression of ‘learning’ is key and it will mould their future attitude towards their education. School is a vibrant part of the community and an essential part of children and families lives.


I have over 30 years experience in both the statutory and voluntary sector working with children and families. I have a background in social work and education, having taught on the Post Qualifying social work course at Goldsmith University, as well as on the Public Service Birmingham University.

I was the head of Early Years Education for a local authority in the Midlands, before being contracted by the Government as the National Director for ‘Together for Disabled Children’, where I was responsible for managing a national programme to ensure that local authorities did better for disabled children with both capital and revenue grants.


After retiring I was commissioned by a national charity to review and turn round a government program that had not been successful.  Since retiring I have worked voluntarily as chair of a local nursery and play scheme as well as supporting organisations with policies and procedures.

I appreciate how important the role of Governor is especially for the school at this time so can promise my commitment to support the staff in their work to take forward the future development so that together with parents and children the school can flourish enabling all children to reach their potential.


Canon Victor Bullock O.S.B. - Trust Appointed Governor

I am presently serving as Vicar and Parish Priest to the people and community at St. Martin's in Fenny Stratford. I am an associate member of the Society of the Holy Cross (S.S.C.) and the Sodality of the Precious Blood (S.P.S.) as well as being a professed member of a Benedictine Community. The Society of the Holy Cross and the Sodality of the Precious Blood both pride themselves as priestly catholic societies within the Church of England that are dedicated to encouraging their members to maintain the highest standards of pastoral care and personal holiness. The Benedictine House of Initia Nova exists to foster the monastic calling to seek God through the three vows of Obedience, Stability and ‘Conversatio Morum’ Conversion of Life through fidelity to monastic life.


I was born and grew up in the sea-side town of Bournemouth, in Dorset, where I attended Saint Peter's School run by the De La Salle Brothers, a teaching order founded by the French priest Saint Jean Baptist de la Salle in the 17th Century. After reading Theology at Southampton University, I continued my studies at Saint Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, London, towards a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

After a spell in teaching, I entered Seminary life at Saint Stephen's House, Oxford and having gained there my priestly formation and Diploma in Ministry was ordained to the Diaconate in 1994 and served my title in the Cowley Team of Churches on the edge of Oxford. The following year after my ordination to the priesthood at the hands of John Richards, the first Bishop of Ebbsfleet, I moved to take up a second curacy post at St. Giles, Reading where I served for the next 4 ½ years. On the 20th January 1999 I was inducted as Vicar and became Parish Priest at Saint Martin's.


​For ten years I served on the Board of Governors of Knowles Junior School in Bletchley, with responsibility for school finance and head teacher performance management. My focus is to aid Saint Mary and Saint Giles School to attain and maintain the highest standards of Christian education.


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