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Check out our virtual art gallery. There is some amazing art work here!

Click here to see the art

The Winners of the Spirituality Garden

North Site Christmas Carols

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Whoops-A-Daisy Angel - The Nativity from Reception and Year Children

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Reception and Year 1 Nativity 2021

No Pens Wednesday 2021

Year 3 have been investigating forces

Year 3's Mythical Creatures!

A Spanish Fiesta:We have all learnt together and ended the 10 weeks with our party. The children made a Piñata last week and this week I filled it with treats. We played 'Loteria' (Bingo) and tasted lots of tasty Spanish treats!

Jessica's Iron Age Settlement

We are BACK! So much happiness to be back together!

Zoe and Winnies Magic Wand

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Caleb Sharing his favourite book

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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by Rosa

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Wonderful work from Year 3!

Poppy's hammer. Look at how well it has been made! Well done Poppy!


Look at Daisy's work. Just fabulous!


Fleur has been busy. I wonder what she'll find!


Caleb has made some terrific Stone Age weapons.

I wonder what would be captured with these!

Sam has been creating these wonderful masterpieces during lockdown.

WOW Sam!



Year 3 have started their new topic called, "Through the Ages".  

The children were watching video tutorials about making spears, hammers and arrowheads! Check out how well they have done!


Henry is looking deadly!

Rosa and George have both made rather deadly looking spears and hammers and George has made a paper whip as well! With those smiles they don't look at menacing as they should!


Isla has also made a deadly looking spear. I wonder what Isla will be off hunting for!


Oliver is ready for hunting!


Ella has also been very busy! Look at that pointy spear!

Sophie is looking very pleased with her Stone-age tools!


Mila has made these prehistoric creations! We love the detail Mila!


Erin's tool are positively scary! Look at the size of these!


Menacing Monty looks terrifying! A very good spear and hammer!

Joakim has been very busy. Look at the amazing Roman shield he has designed and made.

Well done Joakim


He's also made some edible poo!!! Yuck!

Well-Being Wednesday 24.2.21


Damaris made some lemonade! She decided she wanted to make some after watching someone making it on YouTube! It looks very tasty.


Daisy and River spent the afternoon preparing the allotment for Spring planting.

George has created this PowerPoint Presentation all about VOLCANOS!

Year 2 have been creating their own miniature gardens

Jacob's Volcano ERUPTS at School!

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Ozzy's EPIC Volcano! This is AMAZING!

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Check out Sammy's amazing "working digestive system"!


Jasmine has designed and built her dogs a new bed.  Jasmine helped saw some wood, used a hammer and nails to put it together, spray painted it and then used acrylic paint to decorate. 

What lucky dogs to have such a wonderful bed! Well done Jasmine!

Isla has worked so hard on her volcano, look at all the little details. We think it's explosive!


Marshall's amazing "ACTIVE" volcano! This is so COOL!!!!

Stand back Marshall, that lava will be hot hot hot!


Freya has been busy with her homework task!

Did you know that the Earths mantle is 85% of Earth's weight?

Lots of thoughtful RE work

This is Oliver's work


Sophie's Work


Caleb's Blessing...just beautiful

Monty's Volcano! Look at the detail!

Maizie's Marvellous Leaflet all about Volcanoes

Nicholas has been working hard on his RE work. We think it's super!

Luke's Wonderful Poem

Well-being WEDNESDAY!

Look at all the fabulous things you've been up to!


Joel drew this wonderful picture. Look at the detail! Amazing!


Caleb played a word game!


Nicholas built a den!


Spencer and Lily have done some baking. Your blueberry muffins look yummy Spencer! Lily, are those mermaids on your cake?

Dylan also built a den!


Paige has used GarageBand for this composition. It's fabulous!

Mila has taught herself how to use PowerPoint to create this wonderful presentation all about Vesuvius!

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Jacob has made a model of an erupting volcano!

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This amazing work is from Grace. Grace has presented this work so well. You should be very proud of your work Grace!



Luca has completed some fantastic work all about volcanos.

Wonderful presentation as well!

Betsy has made this PowerPoint all about Mount Vesuvius

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8th February 2021

We have been SO impressed with the work flowing in.

We have models, English, topic and much more. Can we have some RE work too please?

Bella's Stunning Art Work, well done Bella!

Henry's Volcano ERUPTS!!!!

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Check out Henry's AMAZING volcano! It's LAVA-TASTIC!

A special mention to Henry for ALL his fabulous work! Keep it up!


Sophie has been working with her Grandad, who is an ex chemistry teacher.

This is GCSE level work! How amazing!


Betsy has WOWED Mrs Camp with this wonderful writing. Have a read of Betsy's independent writing all about Black Rock. Betsy, you're a superstar!


Daisy ran the “Mandalorian Marathon” in January and completed 26.2 miles!

Professor Paige has been working hard to complete some of the chief alchemists challenges. This challenge was to investigate saturated solutions.


Well-Being Wednesday: Look at all the wonderful activities that were enjoyed on Wednesday afternoon!


Daisy and her brother enjoyed cooking!


Check out Ozzy's amazing eruption cup cakes! They look explosive!


Jasmine and Ethan were very busy on Wednesday. They enjoyed outdoor adventures and some baking. Those crispy cakes look delicious!


Ella baked a very tasty looking cake. We love the sprinkles.


Benji's amazing video about the digestion...of a crocodile!

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Sammy had a hoot during well-being Wednesday!

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Screen free Wednesday has been enjoyed by so many.


Zoe's Apple Crumble

Fleur has been making bird feeders and collecting fossils


Daisy and River have been baking! Yummy!


Nicholas went exploring


Eva's digestive System, the whole process explained! 



Dylan used his screen free afternoon to find these wonderful rocks!

Year 4's Digestive System T Shirts!

Year 6 have been working hard on their Darwin research. Check out their presentation!

Ethan has made this volcano. We think it's brilliant. Let's hope it doesn't erupt!

Well done Ethan

Mila has completed this INCREDIBLE work...her Mummy does have a geology degree so we know who to ask in to talk to us about geology!

It's wonderful work! Well done Mila!


Lily's Fantastic Hygiene Poster. Look at all the detail Lily has added. Well done Lily!


Nyah's "Fossil-tastic" Presentation all about Mary Anning

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Sammy has made a brilliant picture of the digestive system. How cool is this?

Tilly has been busy as well. Look at this wonderful work!

Bobby has being working super hard on his animal poo classification key. "Poo-tastic" Bobby!

Frida has created this awesome eagle. Look at the detail! WOW Frida, well done you!

Week 25th January: So much wonderful work being sent to us! Well done to all those who have their work in the Gallery this week. Challenge yourself to get your work showcased!


Maisy's Marvellous Peacock

Skyla's Lovely Bird Picture

Betsy's Awesome Owl!

We are so proud of Oliver and Christopher in Year 2. They have both  completed this wonderful English work.

Christopher's handwriting is OUTSTANDING!

Oliver's vocabulary and presentation are FABULOUS!

Fleur's volcano is totally amazing! Have you read about Mary Anning, read Fleur's wonderful fact file all about her.

Year 1 have been learning all about capacity.

Lots of wonderful bird pictures from Reception and KS1.

Daisy has been very creative by using lots of different materials! What a beautiful bird.

Sophie has worked really hard on her volcano. Is it going to erupt?


Oliver's amazing volcano! We love this Oliver, it's very vibrant.


Mila has created this wonderful fact file all about Mary Anning. Well done Mila!

Mollie and Sammy have completed some AMAZING work!!!!! Look at these!

Freya has completed some lovely work all about Mary Anning.

Maisy C's Marvellous English!

Great vocabulary and amazing presentation.


Fred's Fabulous Presentation!

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Sammy has completed this amazing science experiment all about the digestive system.

We are really impressed with how well he has recorded this experiment. Well done Sammy!

Noah, in year 6 has written this about the Galapagos Islands. Wonderful Presentation!

More wonderful work from Year 3. Keep it up year 3!

George and his volcano. George has used clay, we think it's very clever!

More wonderful work from George.


Damaris has completed this thoughtful RE work. We are SO impressed with your attitude towards your learning Damaris. 


Henry's Write Stuff. Wonderful handwriting and use of language!


Lucas has worked so hard. FABULOUS LUCAS!

Nyah's Beaks and Seeds Investigation

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Tilly has completed this amazing science presentation

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We have seen some brilliant work shared with us from the week 18.1.21.

Lots of great examples of home and school learning. Year 3 appear to be setting the bar very high, set yourself the challenge to have your work in the gallery next week.


Maybe you will get a "shout out" in Miss Holland's assembly!

Eva in Year 4 has written this paragraph based on The Secret of Black Rock.

We think it's amazing!

Erin desperately thrashed around, but the sea dragged her the opposite way.  It had a tight grip on her as she furiously battled with the waves. Down. Down. Down. Erin was falling. Falling through the dark abyss.


Fleur has been working hard with her English lessons.

We love the tension that mounts. Well done Fleur!

Our youngest children have been working on their hearts this week.

Don't they look wonderful?


Madison has been weighing objects.

Re-telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood with puppets.


Sammy P's fabulous work. Her presentation is awesome!

Rosa has been very creative in her volcano. Check out the detail. Well done Rosa!

Check out Daisy's "LAVATASTIC" glittery volcano!



Freya's beautiful heart, SO fabulous!

Marshall's heart!

Look at Samuel's work he has completed. It's amazing. Samuel has worked so hard on his presentation. His handwriting is even joined up! Well done Samuel!


Nicholas in Year 3 has done some super English work. Look at his vocabulary choices.

Erin in Year 3 has created this lovely picture featuring hearts! Well done Erin

I love the owls and the stars!

Look at these amazing biscuits that Autumn has been baking.

Well done Autumn, they look delicious!


Luca and Gabrielle have created these wonderful hearts. Well done boys!

Ozzy has been really busy with his home learning. Look at this wonderful diagram and writing.

Fabulous vocabulary Ozzy!!

Elsie has drawn these beautiful hearts for her window, well done Elsie!

Skyla has drawn this beautiful heart for her window. Well done Skyla!

Daisy in Year 4 is working so hard. Daisy wanted to share her egg experiment with everyone. She used eggs as a proxy for teeth to see how different liquids cause tooth decay. She made predictions, took daily observations of the eggs and recorded her findings, and then wrote up her results thinking about what this would mean if the egg were actually a tooth.

Daisy, you are a fabulous scientist!

Year 3 children have been working so hard with their learning.

Amazing Oliver, (who hasn't been inside his new school yet!) has written a wonderful poem  with some very good vocabulary and check out his shark pencil drawing!



Mila has completed yet more wonderful work. Keep it up Mila!

Look at this presentation! WOW!

Will it explode?! BOOM!

Joakim created a meal for under £7 and cooked it for dinner. Chicken stir fry.

He chopped everything and learnt about chicken hygiene, using separate chopping boards etc. This is a picture of him cooking it.  Doesn't it looks tasty!

Wonderful work shared with us from the week 11.1.21. Lots of examples of home and school learning.

Please keep sharing as it's so lovely to see what you're learning all about. 

Maybe you will get a "shout out" in Miss Holland's assembly!

Anais has been very creative! This is Anais's musical instrument.

Tom has completed Mr Cooksley's PE challenge!

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Absolutely fabulous work from Year 6 all about the Artic.

The year 3 children in school have been creating wonderful art work as well. It looks amazing!

Ella's Erupting Volcano! 

With lava pouring out, it looks very realistic! Well done Ella.

Read about Noah's Polar Bears!

Year 3 are on a roll! Look at their work.

Here is Henry's foil fish and Daisy J's lion.

Daisy is unstoppable! Look at her WANTED poster! The body of a cheetah and the wings and head of an owl! If you see it let us know!

Oliver has been working incredibly hard at home. Look at his wonderful work!

Freya has been very busy once again. I wonder if there is any tin foil left in her house!

Check this work out from Caleb, it's amazing!

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Caleb worked very hard on his factfile lessons and was very excited about sharing his work in the gallery. He used a video on YouTube to draw his Falcon for his poster, which he found very difficult and wanted to give up many times, but he persevered and he finished it and was very proud.
Well done Caleb!

Damaris has created a Bear!

Joakim has taken on Mr Cooksley's PE Challenge, he's even wearing his PE kit!

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Nyah's Fact File About Animals

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Nyah has created this PowerPoint all about how animals evolve, there is so much to learn about! Well done Nyah!

How amazing is Dylan's shark picture? We think it's fabulous!

Daisy has been working so hard with her remote learning. Check out her amazing work.

Well done Daisy, we are very proud of you!

Freda's Fabulous Poster

Nicholas and his model: AMAZING!

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4.1.2021 Examples of AMAZING Home Learning

Have a look below of some fabulous home learning. We LOVE seeing your work, please keep sharing.

Azaan and his amazing maths!

Henry's Home Learning

Fleur's PE Challenge

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Fleurs Fabulous Poster

Tom's PE Challenge: Week 1

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7.1.21 : Maizie's Amazing Home Learning

Damaris and the Week 1 Gymnastics Challenge!

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Daisy's Gymnastics Video

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Nicholas and his Volcano!

The Amazing Alys: PE Challenge Week 1

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Spring Term 2021

Christmas At North Site

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Christmas at South Site

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North site dance!

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Christmas Wishes from Miss Holland, Mrs Robinson and Cracker!

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BBC Children in Need November 2020

Year 3 Mighty Metals Homework

Eva the AMAZING Artist! Eva was recently shortlisted in the MK Young Painter exhibition. She was very proud to have her work exhibited at the Milton Keynes gallery.

September 2020: Sunday afternoon site tidy!

Willow has been successful in achieving a green Blue Peter badge for her amazing bird feeder! Congratulations to Willow!

Joakim has been very busy at home!

Year 6 Cushions

Cracker enjoying Cuddles!

Year 6 artwork inspired by the work of Kandinsky

Year 6 Self Portraits inspired by Expressionist Artists

Charlie's AMAZING art work!

VE Day Celebrations 8th May 2020

Daisy is awarded a green Blue Peter badge!

Daisy is so excited to share the news that she has just been awarded a Green Blue Peter Badge! The Green badge is awarded for showing passion for the environment and for conservation.

Daisy received hers for baking cakes to fundraise for the WWF. We are very proud of Daisy's achievements! WOW!

Rosie in Year 5 has written this beautiful poem

Sammy (first 3 pics) and Joakim (last 2 pics) have created the most wonderful pictures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Harry has been learning all about volcanoes!

Joakim has been learning all sorts at home, look at these lovely pictures.

Luke has been very busy at home, check out his lava lamp and the delicious looking upside down cake.

Luke's lava lamp

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Jessica in year 2 has been working hard on her maths work.

School Activities during closure

Tilly's poem about Lava

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Year 3 have been learning all about volcanoes. Tilly reads her own poem.

Tilly's research on volcanoes is so interesting. Have a look!

Watch Tilly's Volcano ERUPT!

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Check out Tilly's Animation

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Joakim has been learning about the Stone Age and baking!

Daisy has been dissecting tulips and baking!

Benjy's cat is not helping!

Tilly has been very busy! The cake looks amazing!

George in Year 4 has been working very hard on his Anglo Saxon Village

A Film made by Nia and Annabel "A Stressful Day"!

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Archie has been working hard at home! Check these pictures out!

Year 6 visit Tring Museum

February 2020: Basketball Winners!

Tree Planting with Stony in Bloom

SMSG pupils working hard in the local community

Year 6 working on their topic Frozen Kingdoms

WOW tea parties are so much fun! Celebrating wonderful work, outstanding behaviour and British values

September 2019: Year 2 WOW curriculum start was a visit from the Blue Cross

Home Town Tree MK50

Lent 2017

Queen Eleanor Remembers