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Class visitors

Derek the medical detection dog


On Friday the 21st of October we had a very special visitor. Mrs Coleman bought Derek into our class so we could help train him. Although Derek is still a puppy he is training to be a medical detection dog. He will eventually live with a family or a person with a specific illness such as very brittle type 1 Diabetes.  


Mrs Coleman shared some information about Derek with the children and then invited them to fuss him. Everyone was keen to stroke Derek and were very gentle and calm, so calm that Derek fell asleep! 



On Friday the 14th of October we had a visit from the local PCSO's. They came in to talk about us about keeping safe when we are out, making sure an adult knows where we are at all times and what to do if we are worried or scared.  


They also spoke to us about video games and which ones are suitable for us, we learnt that we should not be playing Call of Duty or Grand theft auto as we are 12 years too young!