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Aims and Intent

Reading and Phonics Curriculum Statement – September 2022


Our School Vision: Our aim is for all to belong to a safe and happy community which celebrates our diversity and differences. Our children will be well prepared for the next step of their journey as responsible citizens. We aspire for all to flourish. Intent At St Mary and St Giles, we intend for children to become enthusiastic and motivated readers. We aim to develop children’s confidence in reading. They will experience a wide variety of genres and text types. Children will develop the skills to decode words in order to be able to read fluently with understanding of what they have read. We will promote a love of literature and an enjoyment of reading for pleasure. Implementation Our whole curriculum is shaped by our school vision which aims to enable all children, regardless of background, ability, additional needs, to become responsible citizens and flourish. It is underpinned by our curriculum drivers:

Our consistent approach to reading in KS2

At St Mary and St Giles, we believe it is fundamental that all children are confident, successful, responsible individuals who are effective contributors to help equip them fully for their educational journey and ultimately life.
It is essential that across our curriculum and within all our English lessons, we are developing our pupils’ knowledge and skills within spoken language, reading, writing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary.


We are ambitious in striving for the skills and knowledge gained in Reading lessons to be embedded across all areas of the curriculum.

Within our school, we have an English team with representative leads for reading, phonics and writing. We have a progressive and sequential curriculum is in place across all areas of the English curriculum with our phonics approach following Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) and a bespoke reading approach that focuses on equipping children with essential knowledge and skills.