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Aims and Intent

We want all children to be masters of technology here at St Mary and St Giles Primary School, not slaves to it! Technology is everywhere and is used daily, therefore we want to model and educate all children on how to be creative when using technology positively and safely. 


We learn how to code, create and debug algorithms, program, sequence, and use tools provided to research, create, save, edit and present using digital literacy. These skills enable learners to participate more readily in the rapidly changing world we live in today. From using devices in a variety of lessons, to making and editing their own creations, we do it all! We have a particular focus on internet safety and take part in the Safer Internet’s Internet safety week each February. We show benefits and drawbacks of screen time and teach children to take responsibility for their own learning both in school and at home when using computers.  


Our aim is to build confident, competent learners with the ability to use technology purposefully and respectfully to further their learning, whilst developing logical reasoning which can be applied to every-day life. Our knowledge rich curriculum has to be balanced with the opportunity 

for children to apply their knowledge creatively which will in turn help our pupils become skilful computer scientists. Finding the right balance with technology if a difficult task, one which we take seriously. We understand that having that balance will enable confident, ambitious learners with a unique, creative flare. 


As a school, we participate in computing lessons, implement and use devices and aspects of computing within all of the curriculum, and we are working on building up clubs outside of school for more specific functions of computing. We want learners to discuss and reflect on the impact computing has in their lessons and outside lessons, looking at well-being and development.  

Computing Curriculum Intent