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Who's Who

The staff at our school:-

Headteacher Mrs M Buller                               
Deputy Heads

Mrs S Noon (North)

Mrs L Farraday (North)

Mr T Wills (South)

Mrs J Hooton (South)

Teachers at South site

SENDco - Mrs J Atkins

Nursery - Mrs N Seguin

Reception - Ms L Wright

Year 1 - Mrs S Cox

Year 2 - Ms P Wass

Year 3 - Ms D Dunkley

Year 4 - Miss V Brookes

Year 5 - Mrs L Rowe

Year 6 - Mrs L Watkins

Support - Mrs H Bailey

Music - Mr J Kingston

Teachers at North site

SENDco - Mrs S Noon

Year 3 - Ms J Venturi

Year 3 - Mrs J Horner

Year 3 - Mrs D Berryman & Mrs S Messina

Year 4 - Mrs K Fraser

Year 4 - Miss E Bell

Year 5 - Mr N Marangos

Year 5 - Mrs M McEvoy

Year 6 - Ms H Bacon

Year 6 - Mr R Knowles

Year 6 - Mrs K Whitfield (Maternity Leave)

SENDco - Mrs S Noon

Support - Mrs L Aspinall

Music - Mr J Kingston

Teaching Assistants/

Learning Mentors

South site

Mrs S Asif

Mrs P Bartlett

Mrs S Connell

Ms S Cross

Mrs M Crow

Mrs D Franks

Mrs R Hirji

Mrs B Hodgson

Ms L Kowalski

Ms D Michell (Learning Mentor)

Ms D Murray

Mrs. T Murray

Ms L Ord

Mrs A Radford

Mrs B Rekhi

Mrs L Shaw

Mrs S Titchmarsh

Ms R Unwin

Mrs J Winters

Teaching Assistants

North site

Mrs S Arif

Mrs L Corcoran

Ms J Harding

Miss C Leighton

Mrs R Leon

Mrs S Mason

Mrs S Naveed

Mrs K Norman

Ms J Scott

Mrs T Tong

Mrs S Williams

Office Staff

Mrs H Skevington - School Business Manager

TBC - 2 x Business Support (North)

Mrs J Lloyd-Davies - Business Support (South)

Mrs K Maxwell - Business Support (South)

Premises Staff

Site Manager - Mr M Day

Caretaker - Mrs S Bayley (North)

Caretaker - Mr B Dorrofield (North)

Cleaning Staff North

Mrs T Deakin

Mr P Noon

Cleaning Staff South

Mrs J Ayris

Mrs W Rivers

Mrs S Westcott

Mrs L Wheeler

Midday supervisors at North

Mrs C Andrews

Mrs R Begum

Mrs M Hinson

Mrs C Holman

Ms S Griffiths

Mrs V Harvey


The Headteacher / Designated Safeguard Lead

 Margot Buller  (01908 562186/01908 562955)


Members of the safeguarding team:

Tim Wills  (01908 562955)

Jo Atkins - South SENDco  (01908 562955)

Donna Michell  (01908 562955)

Jo Hooton  (01908 562955)

Sue Noon - North SENDco  (01908 562186)

Kim Fraser  (01908 562186)


Designated governors for safeguarding

Gwen Yates  (01908 562186)

Clive Williams  (01908 562186)