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For the vast majority of children, attendance at St. Mary and St Giles School is good - that is attendance of 95% or better, with many children achieving 100% attendance each term.  Thank you to every parent who supports good attendance - because you are giving your child the best possible chance to achieve their best.


Research has shown that where attendance falls below 90% there is a direct impact on the progress a child can make - and not only does it affect your child, but can impact on others within the class - which is why we take attendance so seriously.


Headteachers are not allowed to authorise holidays in term time, but if there are exceptional reasons why your child needs to be absent please let the school know in advance.  Indeed all absences should be notified to the school as soon as possible.  In the case of illness we ask you to inform us on the first day of absence before 9am if possible.



Attendance Letter from the Headteacher

Attendance Policy